A completely new experience in a Volkswagen Multivan: unplug the power cable and close the charging door on the right front wing, press the START button, move the DSG gearbox lever (drive-by-wire) to D, press the accelerator pedal and slide silently in this front-wheel-drive MPV. The range of electricity should be sufficient for most everyday needs. If maximum power is required, or if the battery is depleted, a turbocharged petrol engine (TSI) steps in and helps or takes over the propulsion. For the up to the 7-seater electric car, this is an optimal system as it allows exhaust-free travel in the city, while not compromising on one of its flagship branches - the possibility of comfortable long-distance travel.

In its more than 35-year history, Multivan has always been able to offer table solutions for passengers. In the new Volkswagen Multivan, the solution is smarter than ever before. It may even be wrong to call it a table because it can also act as a centre console between all rows of seats, including the front one. With a completely flat floor and a new system of slide rails, it is easy to move the table or pick it out of the electric car if desired. At the top, there are three cup holders and storage compartments. At the touch of a button, you raise the table and can access more storage space for, for example, toys or large water bottles. In the raised position, you can simultaneously fold out tabletops to both the left and right.

Unmistakably a Volkswagen Multivan with classic design elements from previous generations incorporated into the new design. But with the help of the new MQB platform, the new Multivan has gained more powerful proportions. A longer wheelbase, a wider body and a slightly lower profile give a look that confirms the improved built-in driving dynamics. Even with a lower profile, the new Volkswagen Multivan retains the same generous ceiling height for passengers as before. More so, if you choose the new option panoramic sunroof, you even get more headroom. But it's a new story, which will be told more when the electric car is shown in June. @ Volkswagen.


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