Volvo Cars is increasing its presence in Stockholm by investing in a new tech center in the Swedish capital and creating new jobs for over 700 employees trained in software engineering, computer science and analysis, product management, online business, and digital user experience.

The tech center is an extension of Volvo Cars' existing factory in the center of Stockholm. It will build on its online sales and software product development competencies, which are the central focus areas in its ongoing transformation. By the middle of the decade, the expansion will support Volvo Cars' growth and dreams of selling at least half of all its cars online and producing at least half of all software internally.

Volvo Cars aspire to attract hundreds of new employees worldwide to its tech center. As the hometown and birthplace of several globally successful tech companies, Stockholm has an international appeal and will attract the most competent specialists for the new positions.

"People with the right competencies and values ​​are crucial for achieving our ambitious goals, which is why we are establishing our new tech center in Stockholm," says Hanna Fager, Head of Corporate Functions at Volvo Cars. "Stockholm is a hotspot for talent in the tech industry, and we want to create an innovative, creative and collaborative workplace that can attract people from all over the world. The process is already underway, and we are currently looking for new employees who can help. in meeting our ambitious goals. "

Volvo Cars' transition to online sales is an integral part of the goal of becoming a leader in the fast-growing electric premium segment with millions of direct customer relationships. Focus on online sales and direct customer relationships includes establishing a simplified and straightforward procedure for purchasing a Volvo, with transparent pricing, clear product information, and delivery times.

"In addition to making our cars safer through technology development and more sustainable through electrification, we fundamentally want to change car ownership to be more personal through a unique user experience," said Henrik Green, Technology Manager at Volvo Cars. "That's why we are investing in products and technology and expanding in Stockholm to gain access to talent in everything from product management to software development and user experience."

Volvo Cars is in the process of moving software development in-house, both to achieve its online goals and because software rather than traditional car characteristics increasingly define cars. To build the best software and benefit from the internal software development, the company also centralizes the data processing in its fully electric vehicles into a powerful core system. This will help Volvo Cars continuously introduce new software and functionality to customers' cars via over-the-air updates, making them better over time.

The tech center will be renovated and modernized later this year and will also serve as a base for Volvo Cars' companies in Stockholm and the surrounding area.


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