The Swedish Space Agency recently decided to give research grants to most researchers and various research projects at the Institute of Space Physics, IRF.  The total research grant is 1,958,770 euros.

Andrew Dimmock is granted 336,929 euros (2021-2023) for the project "How interplanetary shocks and coronal mass ejections evolve and interact with magnetospheres".

Emiliya Yordanova is granted 268,773 euros (2021-2024) for the project "Heating of the solar wind by kinetic plasma processes".

Oleg Shebanits is granted 218,710 euros (2021-2023) for the project "Studies of dusty plasmas: fundamental properties and spacecraft interactions”.

Tima Sergienko is granted 496,985 euros (2021-2023) for the project "Barium Release Optical and Radio rocket experiment". .....


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