Primo is a charging system for electric vehicles with artificial intelligence that is capable of adapting the charging speed to the needs of each car. It is particularly suitable for vehicle fleets, as it can supply energy to various parking spaces.

The charger, which is moved from one car connected to the charging network to another via a rail, can adapt the price of the energy supplied to each car. In addition, it is not necessary to move the electric vehicle once the operation is finished because the charging station moves itself to another place where there is another vehicle waiting for electricity.

The Primo charging robot allows high-priority public service vehicles, such as police or ambulances, to receive first the fast recharge.

The Primo was developed by the Spanish company Starnaliza in collaboration with the University of Vigo and CEDETI (Center for the Development of Inclusive Technologies).

The Primo is a different concept robot from Volkswagen, who has been working on its own mobile charging robot for electric vehiclesVolkswagen's robot moves freely through the different parking spaces. The charging robot goes to the electric car that needs electricity and communicates with it, connecting and disconnecting the plug, all without the intervention of any person and thanks to its cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound sensors.

Volkswagen's goal is to make all parking spaces in a car park electrified, without the need to equip them with expensive and complex infrastructure.


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