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spoon.tech is an AI-powered restaurant SaaS for process simplification and employee growth. spoon.tech provides restaurant operators with AI-powered intuitive tools to (finally) systemize processes in their restaurants and enable employee learning.

spoon.tech functionality in the essence consists of two parts:

  • Web-based application for restaurant managers and owners
  • Mobile application for restaurant employees (learning process like DuoLingo)

Web-based application

Using the web-based application, a manager can visually define all the processes in their restaurant and gamify those processes, so that employees can learn them. This significantly shortens onboarding time and increases the quality of work in the team (everyone is on the same page in terms of how things have to be done).

Specifically, the web-based application provides the following functionality:

  • Define processes in your restaurant operation in a clear visual way. The application allows for four types of processes: 1) menu (define the process of assembling dishes and drinks) 2) operations (define any operation-related process) 3) decisions (define decisions triggered by the external events) 4) guidance (define policies and rules)
  • Transfer the processes from text format to visuals with the help of AI (upload text, get visuals as an output)
  • Choose games for the defined processes (the application suggests the games automatically based on the type of processes)
  • Define roles in your restaurant and assign processes to roles
  • Define quizzes: choose processes to learn in each quiz, define the cadence of quizzes, assign quizzes to roles
  • Monitor employee progress: see employee success rate and ranking

Mobile Application

Using the mobile application an employee can learn the processes defined for them by the management in an easy and fun way.

Specifically, the mobile application for restaurant employees has the following functionality:

  • Choose a quiz to complete and play the games inside of the quiz, therefore learning the processes defined by the management
  • See your progress and compare it with the progress of other restaurant employees
  • See process changes implemented by management and learn new processes immediately after they are inputted by the management.

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