It created a lot of attention when Ford Europe back in 2018 launched the first Ranger Raptor - an even wilder variant of Ford's otherwise rugged and famous Ranger. Today, there is again ground enthusiasm and raised arms with the unveiling of the next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor.

With extreme off-road characteristics, a full 288 hp, a powerful torque of 491 Nm, and the new 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost petrol engine, the new Ranger Raptor off-road driving gives a whole new dimension. Like the first Raptor model, the pickup was developed by Ford Performance, but this time, even more than before, real off-road enthusiasts had in mind when the car was produced. The extreme terrain features, more intelligent technology, and new designs will undoubtedly blow both current and future customers backward.

For European Ranger enthusiasts, there is an even greater reason for excitement with the unveiling of the new Ranger Raptor, as it is the first model of Ford's next-generation Ford Ranger to be introduced in Europe. As a result, the first European customers can now look forward to getting behind the wheel of their new wild Raptor in the last quarter of 2022.

The biggest news for Ford performance fans is especially the news of the new 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost petrol engine with an impressive 288 hp and a torque of 491 Nm. With the new engine, customers get even more horsepower to play with compared to the current 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel engine, which will continue to be available in the Next-Gen Ranger Raptor from 2023.

The Raptor's engine is built with a cylinder block in compressed graphite iron, about 75 % more powerful and up to 75 % more rigid than the iron used in ordinary castings. Ford Performance has also ensured that the engine responds quickly and immediately to acceleration. For example, a so-called "anti-lag system," also seen in the Ford GT and Ford Focus ST, helps reduce any turbo delays on performance cars like this when the driver slipper accelerator. In addition, the engine is built with an individual turbo-boost profile for each of the gears in the 10-speed gearbox.

"The brand new 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost engine gives the Ranger Raptor a distinct dynamic than before, which will delight even the most performance enthusiast. The acceleration and raw performance from the new driveline will leave you with an immense smile from ear to ear", says Dave Burn.

The Ranger Raptor's new driveline ensures that the car accelerates effortlessly, regardless of whether the surface consists of gravel, mud, or sand. In addition, the pickup driver can choose between four different engine sounds, which via an electronically controlled exhaust system convert the sound to suit the driving condition or adapt to the driver's preferences.

The tranquil engine sound 'quiet' must be chosen if you prioritize silence over performance and, for example, do not want to wake your neighbors early in the morning. The engine sound 'normal' makes a little more noise, but the sound is not too loud, so you can drive through the street scene without the sound attracting unnecessary attention. On the other hand, there is more bang on the engine sound with "sport" and " baja." "Sport" produces a louder and more aggressive engine sound, while "baja" undoubtedly makes the most spectacular engine sound.

For the first time, the Ford Ranger Raptor has a permanent four-wheel drive with a completely new and electronically controlled transmission gearbox, which combined with differential locks on both front and rear wheels creates a valuable feature for hardcore off-road enthusiasts, ensuring more directional acceleration. In addition, the Ford Ranger Raptor's seven different driving modes ensure that the car's driver has the best conditions to cope with everything from slippery roads, mud - and of course, in terrain.

The Ranger's new design creates a common thread to the Next-Gen Rangers' bold and robust style. The extended wheel arches and design of the headlights emphasize the width of the pickup, while the capital FORD letters on the car's grille and its separate bumper add visual muscle. Both the exterior and interior design emphasize the character of the vehicle.

New sports seats inside the car's cabin help increase comfort and give the vehicle driver more support while off-roading or cornering at high speeds. In addition, the car's interiors, such as the digital dashboard and sports seats, all have an amber tinge that recurs in several places in the car.

As previously mentioned, the next-generation Ford Ranger Raptor will be launched in Europe in the last quarter of 2022.


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