New Android phones will receive operating system updates for up to four years. The Android Police cites a statement from Google, which noted that future phones based on Qualcomm processors will support extensive update periods. Google said the phones will receive Android updates for three years and security updates for four years. This was accomplished thanks to the optimization of Qualcomm chips. The report specifies that the three-year update policy will apply to phones based on Snapdragon 888 or newer processors.

The list of manufacturers that will support the new technology from Google and Qualcomm has not been disclosed. Journalists suggested that the system of four-year updates will certainly apply to the flagship devices of the Google Pixel series.

The journalists believe that Samsung will join the new program. In August, representatives of the Korean corporation said that most of the brand's new phones will receive Android updates for three years. First of all, updates will be published for Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra.


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