According to ADAC, the cost of repairing or replacing the latest generation LED headlights is exorbitant. ADAC, Europe's largest motoring association, points to the cost of repairing or replacing LED headlights. Certainly very powerful and advertised as being particularly reliable and durable, these lights are not eternal and present a great complexity that makes repair almost impossible. It is therefore generally necessary to replace the complete headlight, which is particularly expensive.

In Germany, the average age of cars in circulation is 18, according to ADAC, while the maximum lifespan of LED headlights is around 15 years. Enough to replace the optics at least once in the life cycle of the vehicle. An operation which is not without consequences on the portfolio of motorists, the cost can quickly amount to thousands of euros, all the more so when it comes to LED headlights with matrix technology. We very often exceed 3,000 euros.

Knowing that LED optics - matrix or not - tend to become widespread, it is urgent - according to ADAC - that manufacturers take measures to extend the life of LED headlights and to facilitate the repair and/or reduce the replacement price. The idea of ​​standardizing certain elements would make it possible to reduce the manufacturing costs and therefore of repair/replacement.

Today, LED lights are a significant expense item for an increasingly important part of car owners, which can have a significant influence on the residual value of the vehicle and therefore its resale prices, but also on insurance premiums which must now take into account the cost of replacing this type of spare part in the event of minor accidents.

However, should we ban or restrict the use of this type of headlight on new cars? No, because they significantly increase visibility at night or in low visibility conditions, contributing to improved safety. However, the elements with matrix technology are more efficient and more efficient and make it possible - at least partially - to limit the nuisance for other vehicles as the efficiency and the brightness of these LED headlights approach or even exceed that of traditional "big headlights" because the matrix elements make it possible to adapt the light beam according to the vehicles driving ahead or coming in the opposite direction, etc.

Technology, innovation and safety come at a price, but here is total freedom of design, the complexity of the systems and the lack of standardization which generate the significant costs of repairing or replacing these headlights. It is up to the legislators to put some order in all of this.


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