Oda has just received the first 40 Ford E-Transit electric vans modified for them. The first E-Transit cabinet van is made to meet ODA's needs for cabinet and cooling solutions that work with an all-electric utility vehicle. It will go through a test period to ensure that all parts of the distribution are working as well as they can.

Oda, Norway's largest online grocery store, now chooses all-electric vehicles and uses the new E-Transit van as a refrigerated truck. This shows that the Ford E-Transit is an all-electric utility vehicle that can be customized for most uses. The fact that it comes in up to 25 different styles, can carry a lot of weight, and has a long electric range has made it a trendy all-electric choice in a short amount of time.

The Lafinto-built E-Transit refrigerated electric truck is about to undergo a test period, after which it will be used regularly. During this time, Oda should be able to change its work habits for an all-electric future and, in the long run, make E-Transit better fit its needs.

The necessary infrastructure and new habits must be put in place to make the switch to an all-electric van fleet as easy as possible. This goes for charging, pre-cooling the cold room when it's time to charge, and if needed, planning driving routes so that Ford E-Transit can also be quickly charged during the work day. With a charging power of up to 115 kW, it takes only 34 minutes to charge from 15% to 80%.

Oda has a wide range of groceries that can be delivered to your door. The company is growing faster than any other company in its field in the Nordic countries. Fleet manager Stian Stramrud is imperative that this growth is good for the environment and will last.

Oda wants us to be able to get food without using fossil fuels by 2025. The first Ford E-Transit refrigerated van is a big step toward achieving this goal. The Ford E-Transit is the best electric commercial vehicle in its class. It can be customized to meet our unique needs and fits well with our goals and plans for the future. We are now really making the switch to all-electric. We're excited to be able to deliver to our customers' doors with refrigerated electric trucks.

Using the WLTP measurement method, the Ford E-Transit can go up to 317 km on electricity alone. Whether you choose the 184 HP or 269 HP version, the electric van with rear-wheel drive has a torque of 430 Nm and can carry up to 1,684 kg in the van version.

Ford sells the E-Transit in Europe in 25 different styles, including van, double-cabin van, and chassis with add-ons. They come in different lengths, roof heights, and load capacities, and their gross vehicle weights range from 3.5 to 4.25 tonnes.

Ford E-Transit also works well with Ford Pro's whole digital system of solutions that boost productivity and save money.

New digital fleet management tools can be used to manage a new E-Transit. These tools help the owner increase productivity and get the most out of each vehicle in their fleet, whether it's energy use, charging needs, or future service. This makes it easier to get the most out of all the cars, increases the time they are in use, and lower running costs.


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