The world-famous actor Alex Høgh Andersen made his solo exhibition debut last week with 'Past & Present.' You may now purchase one of the stunning photography images at, with all proceeds benefiting a worthy cause.

Alex Høgh Andersen made his debut with his solo show "PAST & PRESENT" at Villa Kultur in Copenhagen, and it was a successful vernissage. The young actor welcomed the specially invited visitors with pride in his voice and butterflies in his stomach.

"In both my acting and photographic work, I want to present tales about people thinking about something". According to Alex Høgh Andersen, the new photo series tells the story of the significant adjustments that we, as customers, will have to make soon, who was present at the launch.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford's first fully electric vehicle, stars in Alex Høgh Andersen's paintings, as does the artist himself. The photography works portray a zone of tension between the present and the past. Unfortunately, the electrification of today's automobiles is hampered by the presence of several decommissioned gas stations.

Alex Høgh Andersen, among others, meets Ford Denmark's CEO, Frank Skjrbk. Malte Ebert, a singer, and songwriter, also performed during the vernissage, performing some of his popular songs. On this particular day, he improvised and composed a song for Alex Hgh Andersen, who paid tribute to their relationship with a smile in his eye.

Alex Høgh Andersen chose the piece, which is presently up for auction at, the Nordic region's largest auction house.

Alex Høgh Andersen has opted to give the proceeds to the Youth Red Cross, a cause close to his heart. In addition to becoming an ambassador, the charity supports children and young people with everything from loneliness, abuse, and poverty to homework assistance and holiday camps.


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