Ford Otosan is committed to bringing the Craiova assembly plant into the future with 100% electric vehicles. Ford Otosan now owns the Ford factory in Romania. Also, Ford Otosan has announced plans to invest 490 million euros in the plant, where the next generation of the all-electric Transit Courier will be manufactured.

Ford's European electrification and commercial vehicle expansion plans rely heavily on the Craiova plant. This will be done using the plant's production capacity and Ford Otosan's years of experience developing and making commercial vehicles.

Ford maximizes the value of its strategic alliances by pooling resources and expanding its access to specialized knowledge. The number of electric cars and commercial vehicles in Europe will be able to carry more goods and people. Ford Otosan has said that it will spend 490 million euros over the next three years to increase the factory's capacity to make cars.

Ford Otosan's Craiova plant will be the site of development and production of the next generation of the Ford Transit Courier van and the Tourneo Courier multi-purpose vehicle, both of which are scheduled for release in 2023. In 2024, the production of battery-powered versions of these will begin.

The Ford Puma, Europe's best-selling passenger car model, will also be manufactured at the Craiova plant by Ford Otosan. The Ford Puma is an all-electric vehicle that will enter production in 2024.
Ford Otosan has increased its global production experience and capacity through its acquisition of the Craiova plant. In addition to making some of Ford's best-selling products, the Craiova plant will now benefit from Ford Otosan's expertise in developing, designing, and building commercial vehicles and electrifying them.

Ford has announced that its factory in Valencia, Spain, will be the primary location for manufacturing groundbreaking electric vehicles. Ford is also changing its car assembly line in Cologne, Germany, so it will be ready to start making electric cars in 2023.

Ford projects annual sales of up to 600,000 all-electric vehicles in Europe by 2026. By 2026, the number of all-electric cars made worldwide is expected to be more than 2 million.
Ford Otosan's position as Europe's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer will be bolstered by the agreement recently reached between Ford of Europe and Ford Otosan. After the Craiova plant opens, Ford Otosan will be able to make more than 100,000 more cars each year.
When it comes to joint ventures in the auto industry, Ford-Otosan is one of the earliest and most fruitful examples.

The Craiova plant has consistently impressed with its low costs and a high degree of adaptability in the manufacturing sector. It shows why the Ford EcoSport, Puma, and 1-liter EcoBoost engines are so well-liked all over Europe.


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