On the morning of April 5, 2021, LG announced that it would end its global mobile phone business. LG says it will continue to support existing products but will focus on more profitable areas such as smart appliances or electric vehicle components.

LG didn't win as much as Samsung, but it did make a big difference in the global smartphone industry. For a while, it teamed up with Google to offer three Nexus Phones. LG was also one of the makers of Google's Pixel smartphone.

Unfortunately, LG's mobile business has been struggling for years. LG's board of directors has finally approved the decision to shut down its slow smartphone business entirely.

LG's mobile phone business is expected to be completely closed by July 31, 2021. However, some of the existing models will continue to be sold. The company promises to continue to support existing products and to update the software. Given LG's efforts when it was running the mobile phone business, some have questioned whether this policy could be followed.

The smartphone industry was fiercely competitive, but LG has dropped out of the race. LG has been providing handsets since the dawn of the market and it has built up a track record in alliances with Google. However, drastic changes and the rise of new players have tormented the company.


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